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Healthcare & Wellness

Arbiter Healthcare


ARBITER Healthcare aims to provide the best solutions by partnering with niche pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies, industry leaders, industry expertise and making healthcare solutions accessible to everyone.

​ARBITER Healthcare has wide experience in the area of Business Environment, Portfolio Consulting, Business Development and Registration of Products for Domestic and Global Markets.


ARBITER Healthcare has experts to supervise the entire process of purchase of raw materials to the entire manufacturing process up to finished goods to maintain its integrity and potency.

Quantum Projects India Limited

Official Distributors of NASA developed COVID-19 killing air purifiers and creators of Quantum Mist - a water based disinfectant.


The Solution for air and surface purification in one device. 

ActivePure® combines original NASA-developed world-class technologies with innovative design to create extraordinary, healthy living environments.

ActivePure® is the only Certified Space Technology air purifier in the world and helps Quantum Projects create a safe, healthier and more comfortable living environment at home, at work and beyond.

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