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Farming & Trading

NaVa Farm Fields

Through "Bring Back My Farm" the promoters want to continue with our Grand Parents’ vision by bringing back those greens back into the city where they own small parcels of land instead of constructing big concrete jungles. We want to practice healthy crop rotation, encourage rainwater harvesting, efficiently using local water sources and carefully selecting produce varieties that grow well and taste great.

We hope that “Our Farms” will become your Green Garden. Lets make food that tastes great and is good for all.

We grow our food locally just outside the city limits on various land parcels in different cities. Picked fresh and to your table quickly. No cross continent truck ride for our veggies! You won’t believe how good really fresh veggies can taste. Minimally packaged. Ethically grown.

Greens Mada

Any human being’s survival is directly tied to what we eat and how. Production and distribution of agricultural produce is an important aspect of a country’s economic growth. There are two major challenges before agriculture today: ecological and economical.

The conservation of our agricultural assets, such as land, water and biodiversity, is a major challenge. 

Our ‘Individual Social Responsibility’ paved the way to explore ways to create a sustainable agricultural model farm in IFANADIANA to help prevent nutrient deficiencies among the Malagasy population.

Madagascar is one of the most bio-diverse nations on the planet and grows a variety of valuable crops. Yet, too often, farmers struggle from poverty and food insecurity. Agriculture is the leading source of employment for both men and women in Madagascar. Indeed, roughly 64% of the country’s population works on either individually or family-owned farms. In more rural regions, this largely takes the form of subsistence farming.

Although Madagascar’s economy is largely agricultural, rural communities too often face food shortages and insecurity. Our aim is to bring improvements within the agricultural industry to reduce poverty in Madagascar.

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