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About Us

We are a team of experienced professionals that share a passion for creating experiences that generate better results for organisations.

We help organizations harness emerging technologies that are revolutionary and socially relevant in nature.

Our Team

Sudheer Raghavan

Sudheer Raghavan is an alumnus from IIT Kharagpur and also holds a master degree in Air Transport Engineering from Cranfield University UK. In a stellar career, he has over 35 years of experience in several international markets at CXO level in Airlines and Hospitality sector. After joining Singapore Airlines in 1981, he quickly rose through the ranks and became the Country Manager for Japan. Later, he held key and very core portfolios such as Head of Revenue Management, Senior Vice President for cargo from 2000-2006 and then became the COO for the Gulf region. He later joined Jet Airways as the Chief Commercial Officer. He left Jet Airways in 2013 to promote the specialised aviation consulting outfit.


K G Vishwanath

K G Vishwanath joined Jet Airways in India as a Management Trainee in 1998 and rose to senior leadership positions in the organisation in a short span of time. As head of Investors relations and MIS, Mr. Vishwanath played a key role as the member of the core team that took the Company public in 2005. He was also the Chairman’s ‘turn-to’ man in all matters of financial and operational significance in the Company. His leadership and contribution in major cost reduction campaigns across the entire gamut of the Company was widely acknowledged by the Shareholders, Board and the investment community. He resigned from Jet Airways in September 2013, after playing a key role in the Jet Airways/Etihad deal as the Company’s VP & Head - Commercial Strategy, Investor Relations and MIS to play a leading role in a niche aviation consultancy team. Currently, he has seeded a couple of interesting start-ups in the education domain along with Sudheer Raghavan and others. Mr. Vishwanath is a qualified Chartered Accountant


Sheena Purushothaman Adarsh

Sheena took charge of Empee Educational Trust as Correspondent in the year 2002, which manages schools and catering college in Tamilnadu. Consistent School Administrator with 21 years' experience in improving school systems. Strong leader with history of making small but powerful changes to campus climate. Track record of success with student attendance and graduation rates. Innovative Academic leader focused on engaging with students and educators to meet learning objectives and drive student progress. Committed to providing empowering leadership and success 21-year history of managing top-performing faculty to cultivate student rapport and promote successful education delivery. Innovative Academic leader focused on engaging with students and educators to meet learning objectives and drive student progress. Committed to providing empowering leadership through skill and experience. 21-year history of managing top-performing faculty to cultivate student rapport and promote successful education delivery. 


She recognized the importance of implementing energy efficient solutions and implemented a cleaner and greener solar energy in the institutes managed by the trust to create a richer learning experience and sustainability on students. The cost savings contributed to the financial stability of the institutions, especially during the Covid crisis period.



Adarsh Erambally

Adarsh handles the core portfolio of consulting and pre-sales. He is an MBA and has extensive customer engagement experience in the Gulf and Indian market. Adarsh’s core USP is networking and initial client engagement.

He is a very process oriented person and this helped him to blend his skill with Information technology, when he promoted one of the very early Indian companies to develop a rule based work flow engine, which also had the potential to be converted into Machine learning, a hot area today. In 2005, he sold the product to a competitor and has since then been engaged in the B2B consulting space.

Adarsh is also very aware of how to harness technology for social causes, and played a pivotal role in garnering support from all sections of society during various natural calamities that hit the nation last few years. Focusing on humankind's need to survive with nature, through various activities he has attempted to reduce an individual's use of the Earth's natural resources and reduce the carbon footprint. Encouraged active localised efforts by individuals and communities by planting trees to create Urban Fruit Gardens/Forests and strengthen resilience to Climate Change and help active living and proud neighbourhoods. 


Mathew Antony

Mathew is a practicing lawyer in the High Court of Bombay and other courts. His areas of practice is Civil , Commercial disputes, Insolvency Bankruptcy matters , Admiralty (Shipping , Customs and Ports ) and Cyber Law .He also works in the arbitration and mediation industry across several verticals including maritime, logistics, infrastructure & real estate. His practice spans across India, South East Asia, Middle East and NorthAfrica. He is known to be resourceful when it comes to raising finances for organizations.


Mathew represents the voice of the professional community with the regulatory authorities, government and all stakeholders to influence policy changes, new policies, corrective measures and interventions made at required places.


Mathew holds a PGCBM from XLRI Jamshedpur; MBA from Mahatma Gandhi University; and LLB from Mumbai University. He has also received Psychometric training Certification from Predictive Index, Massachusetts, USA and Mediation Certification Course from CAMP- Edwards Mediation Academy. He is a regular commentator in Bloomberg, Mint and other financial media networks.


Gopal Ramesh 

He is a qualified public accountant, Company secretary, management accountant and law graduate and specializes in corporate law, turnaround situations and financial management systems and processes. He also specializes in process re-engineering and structuring cross border investments, with emphasis on local methods. He has several years of experience in international taxation. 


He has handled various assignments in India and senior management and CFO levels in large multinationals [such as Kirloskar Toyoda, IFB Bosch, PSI Data Systems and Wipro]. He was also heading the indirect taxation practice in Lovelock and Lewes [ now part of PwC] in their Bangalore office. Recently, he has worked with some hedge funds in identifying, valuing and structuring investments into India.


Ramesh specializes in the automotive, engineering and software services industry related financial practices and processes. Ramesh is also on the advisory board of Epiance Software Private Limited.

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