Nava Group

NAVA is promoted by professionals with experience in wide range of business activities. NAVA professionals take the time to build an understanding of client needs and of the specific segments in which they operate. We continue to expand our capabilities and our service areas have grown to accommodate our clients' needs.


We provide a responsive local presence coupled with a networked resource of associates designed to facilitate sharing of experience across international boundaries.


Our Activities

My Garden

Through "My Garden" the promoters want to continue with our Grand Parents’ vision by bringing back those gardens back into the city instead of constructing big concrete jungles, thus contributing to Clean Neighbourhoods and Oxygen Spaces.

Financial Advisory

QuadCore is a specialized business consulting and financial
consulting firm

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Arbiter promotes exclusive Nutraceutical products, never formulated before and manufactured purely using natural extracts and resources. 

Software Services

NIYAMAS is a software products and services company specializing in products/solutions for improved workflow and information process management for e-enabling business.

Renewable Energy

Invent promotes the usage of DC products so that homes and businesses start using Solar PV, Fuel Cells and Batteries as DC sources to directly power their electrical/ electronic needs, including lighting, entertainment, computing and transportation.

Social Contribution

A platform that connects Socially Relevant Projects, Donors, Volunteers, Society and Companies for the generations after us.

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Have questions about the projects listed in our services? Our  team is ready to answer the basic questions to complex compliance inquiries as they receive specialized training on a regular basis. 

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