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NaVa Group

We are a team of experienced professionals that share a passion for creating experiences that generate better results for organisations.


We establish, administer and manage partnerships for companies working on a wide range of cutting edge concepts that helps the world a better place to live.

About us

NaVa is promoted by professionals with experience in wide range of business activities. NaVa professionals take the time to build an understanding of client needs and of the specific segments in which they operate. We continue to expand our capabilities and our service areas have grown to accommodate our clients' needs.


Farming & Trading

NaVa Farm Fields is an all-encompassing, self-sustaining, ecofriendly, farming oriented community focused on food security, nutrition and sustainable agriculture


Financial Advisory

QuadCore is a specialized business consulting and financial consulting firm


Energy Saving Solutions

Usage of DC sources to directly power the electrical/ electronic needs, including lighting, entertainment, computing and transportation.


HealthCare & Wellness

Arbiter promotes exclusive Nutraceutical products, never formulated before and manufactured purely using natural extracts and resources. 

Our Activities

The Earth's natural resources are vital to the survival and development of the human population.

​Sustainability isn’t a commodity as much as it is a lifestyle. It has immediate as well as long-term rewards. Generally, sustainability is forward-thinking, looking ahead to secure a future for you and yours, getting things to last, making things better than you’ve found them. When one chooses to preserve and protect resources, to make as little negative impact on the earth as possible, to nurture the planet as well as those around us, one has chosen the path of sustainability.

Through our projects we are attempting to reduce an individual's or society's use of the Earth's natural resources and reduce the carbon footprint. 



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